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The world around us is constantly changing, new technologies and new opportunities appear every day, more and more information is freely available. Every day art develops. Music, prose, design, architecture, began with simple and accessible forms, went through many stages of development from the classical era to impressionism and now returned to the most practical solutions. Over time, you begin to understand that real beauty is not in excess and pomp, and you are looking for ways to express yourself in what you will not get tired tomorrow. You want to be the best in your field and throw away all that is superfluous - this is how Altaco's Monochrome collection, which today is the foundation of our showroom, has appeared.

Of course, we work with other colors, but Monochrome is the epitome of Altaco. We love minimalism and we are sure that the purity of white, a variety of shades of gray and the severity of black make up the basis, while everything else should serve as accents.

Alexander Shved
Alexander Shved Director
Anastasia Kolesnik
Anastasia Kolesnik Designer, Visualizer
Alexander Pazyura
Alexander Pazyura Chief Sales Officer


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